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About AGA

How It Works

We use the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. ACE is used in over 7,000 Christian schools in 145 countries. ACE was started in 1970 by Dr. Donald Howard and his wife and the first A.C.E. school was in Garland Texas.

A.C.E. is recognized by the State of Tennessee as an approved academic program. You can learn more at

Our Vision

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

Through mathematics, your child will come to recognize and appreciate God as the Master-Planner of the universe, in light of its design and precise, calculable operation.
Because language and its related arts are gifts from God, through English and Word Building your child will learn about communication through the spoken and written Word of God.


Through the sciences, your child will see the hand of God in Creation and recognize Him as the Master Designer.

Through history and its related studies, your child will realize that history is His Story.

Our Bible PACEs, daily devotions, and weekly chapel services will teach your child the moral and spiritual principles of God’s word and help your student develop a personal walk with God.